We Dare to Compare

Ecology Landscape, over 45 years
striving to make a difference
by being different

Winning both state and local awards
from design and installation

Voted best of the year
and best in our area

Reader's Choice awards

Western state conservationist
of the year award

Humanitarian of the year award

Local hometown hero award for community involvement and commitment

Serving or having served as Country Fish & Game commissioner (chairman)

City water conservation task force (chairman)

Horticultural adviser for city, park and school districts

Chamber of Commerce board of director and senior adviser

Agent for the California Department of Fish & Wildlife specializing in wildlife and habitat restoration projects

Past president and board of director of local contractor association

Active and involved with local service organization such as Rotary

and more...

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    We can provide you with an organized and professional overview presenting different options and introducing you to a creative and affordable solution, a design that can reflect its individual character with all of its personal and unique qualities.

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    We specialize in energy and resource efficient landscape from design to custom installations,incorporating the newest in technologies with the latest techniques.

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    Your new or remodeled landscape can be water wise and low maintenance. It can give you years of value and beauty – ecofriendly, and all at affordable prices.

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    You can count on the experts at Ecology Landscape to provide the best in horticultural services from consulting, design, and installation

    It is your duty to conserve;
    it is our job to show you how.

Locally owned and community involved- a proven expert in design and construction. Recognized by both in as well as the general public as one of the best. We derive our business the old-fashioned way through quality,
value and ability.dustry professionals


At Ecology Landscape, every job is a self portrait of the people who do the work. we autograph our work with pride and excellence.


your workforce for nature